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UNPAID Internship Programs

SECTECHS is offering four types of internships

Mobile Penetration Testing
Web App Penetration Testing
Exploit Developer
Malware Analyst
General Details

No# of Seats 16 Morning 8, Evening 8
Timing Morning 9am-5pm, Evening 5pm-1am
Seats Division Mobile Penetration Testing Total #4 -> :2 Morning :2 Evening Web App Penetration Testing Total #4 -> :2 Morning :2 Evening Exploit Developer Total #4 -> :2 Morning :2 Evening Malware Analyst Total #4 -> :2 Morning :2 Evening
Duration of Internship 2 Months 60 Days
Working Days Monday - Friday

1- Exploit Developer Internship

The internship takes place in the workplace., and for four weeks2 Months, chosen applicants must send a report after each taskone task per week, which could include certain real-world scenarios and Bypass Advance Exploitation Mitigations techniques. If the applicant does well during the internship, it can contribute to a work offer.

Candidate Must know before apply

App Containers/Sandbox
Exploit Protection/ EMET 5.5
Memory Management Stack/Heap
Debuggers WinDbg, Immunity debugger, IDA pro
Operating Systems Windows, Linux
Basics of Networks

2- Malware Analyst Internship

As reverse engineering is a time-consuming activity, candidates must be willing to handle hours of effort. It involves malware reversing as well as the use of AI/DL algorithms to identify malware and its behaviors in operating systems.

Candidate Must know before apply

IDA Pro/ Ghidra
Understanding of C/C++, Java/JavaScripting & Python
Basics of Operating System
Basics of Networking

3- Web App Penetration Testing Internship

Web App Penetration Testing Internship Program includes bypassing numerous website/app frameworks and security vulnerabilities.

Candidate Must know before apply

Languages HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, JavaScripting
Different Servers and Their Configurations
Hands-on Burp Suite

4- Mobile Penetration Testing Internship

During this internship period, candidates must bypass the middleware, drivers, operating systems, and applications on several hardware devices mobiles.

Candidate Must know before apply

Bash Scripting
Internals of Mobile Device Android/iOS
Application Debugging/Reversing

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